Monday, June 10, 2013

Maintain The Cervical Lordosis Through The Night

Protect Your Neck Through The Night
The normal curve of the neck or cervical spine is a lordosis.  

Most people sleep 5-8 hours a night.  When sleeping on your back, a pillow does not usually help to maintain this lordotic curve.  Flattening of the cervical spine may result and can lead to neck pain, headaches and other problems.  Here is a quick, easy and inexpensive solution to this:
First, take a bath towel and roll it up so that it is the width of the pillow.
Take the towel roll and slide it in the bottom end of the pillow case so that when you lay on it, the towel roll can be comfortably positioned to support the neck's natural curve.  It should not be so thick that it lifts your head off the pillow.  The idea is to use the towel roll to support your neck as you sleep through the night.

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