Thursday, February 21, 2013

Easy Way To Treat Your Suboccipital Headache: Muscle Release

Treat Your Headaches with Tennis Balls

Items you will need: 2 tennis balls, 1 sock

Position of the tennis balls will apply direct pressure to the suboccipital region without placing direct pressure on the cervical spinous processes (vertebrae)

Place the 2 tennis balls against eachother into the sock, twist the open end of the sock and fold it over the end holding the tennis balls

Lie on a firm surface with the tennis balls under the base of your skull.  You should only feel pressure on the muscle mass, not on the bony vertebrae

You may look straight up at the ceiling for symmetric pressure on either side, and you may include rotation left and right to adjust pressure to 1 side or the other

The above technique should help alleviate the suboccipital pressure and headache and should feel great!!!

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